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““Violet Rain” blends beautiful string arrangements with delicate descending piano lines (...)”


“The musicians wrap the lyrics of [Ben] Bedford’s solo writings (other than instrumental “Orrery” which is a co-write with the studio musicians) in an artistic, gentle caring fashion.”


“Quivers of strings subtly reinforcing [Peter Oren's] observations about the state of the world.”


“Reaching its apogee on the title track, all elements come together into a rather glorious whole with closing strings that are quite irresistible.”


“The song starts with [Peter] Oren’s voice over a strummed acoustic guitar, before light flourishes of plucked string instruments, and drums that sound like they were recorded in an empty factory, give way to lush orchestration in the outro. It’s a showstopper that highlights the charms of the album writ large”


“With the help of Diederik van Wassenaer on violin/viola (expect more words from me on this guy) (...) the album comes alive in its intricacies and harmonies.”

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